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DealerKnows was founded by Joe Webb to fill a gaping void in the field of automotive consulting and training. Back then, the established automotive trainers of Internet best practices were those who had hardly clicked a mouse, let alone sold a car leveraging online tactics. With a wealth of documented Internet retail successes himself, Joe believed it was time dealership consulting, and training programs were available from those who had actually succeeded in using the Internet to sell more cars. Hence, DealerKnows was born.

Today, DealerKnows is a team of experienced professionals who creates customized automotive sales training programs (both on-site and virtual) that increase the profitability of car dealerships, help managers make smarter decisions with existing technology, and teach sales, BDC, and Internet teams how to maximize the opportunities they are already being given. From training Business Development Centers on how to set more appointments and engage more online shoppers to improve search and social network presence, we show you how to convert more opportunities into clients.

Before dedicating another nickel to driving traffic to your website and store, you need to be sure you have the best email, phone, text, video, and chat follow-up processes in place and the best tools available to enhance the customer experience. With that in mind, DealerKnows is here to offer expert guidance on which tools to consider while also helping you optimize your current solutions, so you can be sure that technology is actually selling cars rather than just costing you money.

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