What is TaskTeacher?

TaskTeacher answers the age-old question managers have, What are my people doing with their Internet leads? While our team and technology keep a close eye on the lead nurturing occurring in your CRM, we send email notification alerts when people are off-process or skipping steps, and provide best-practice recommendations on how to convert that prospect to an appointment. TaskTeacher is the coaching and accountability tool that will help you improve your lead performance quickly.

  • Maintain quality email and phone correspondence
  • Receive detailed alerts to use as both training and deal-saving opportunities
  • Track your teams lead performance with a dashboard that allows you to monitor trends
  • Save your management time by allowing a team of professionals to inspect what the dealership expects

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How TaskTeacher Works

Backed by patent-pending technology, TaskTeachers team of Internet professionals monitor your CRM, police your leads, and guarantee your BDC agents and ISMs are following up with every lead consistently. Each graded lead and lead handler is graded upon a series of weighted and statistically relevant criteria that determine the likelihood they set an appointment from their Internet leads. If your team is not completing calls or sending proper emails, TaskTeacher will alert management, ownership, and the lead handlers themselves with constructive coaching comments to improve their performance.

  • Maximize every Internet lead
  • Offers ongoing coaching consistently throughout the month for your BDC, ISMs, and sales managers alike
  • Set more appointments and sell more cars to Internet prospects by reinforcing best practices
  • Receive monthly report cards identifying opportunities for improvement to your Internet process

Are You Making the Grade?

Our patent-pending technology keeps a constant watch on your CRM when you’re not able to. TaskTeacher not only ensures that all leads are being followed up with promptly, but also makes sure your department does so using the best practices in lead management.

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