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Think your Dealer Forensics is good now? Imagine what they could be.

Dealer Forensics is one part robot, one part crystal ball, and one part Bill, designed to extract every ounce of information that’s suffocating inside of a CRM. We have developed technology that analyzes the data your CRM ignores, identifying patterns and comparing them to benchmark data established from prior analyses. Since every dealership is unique, we’ll create a game plan tailored to each dealership’s specific needs. For each analysis, clients will receive a live presentation of the findings and suggestions for moving forward.

CRM reporting

Dealer Forensics Email Performance

Let our Dealer Forensics reveal what you’ve been missing for so long.

While retail automotive vendors have long demonstrated contentment with existing solutions, we’re not willing to let dealerships be stuck with inferior data. Remember, data are just numbers until they are given meaning.

  • Discover actionable information that cannot be displayed within the CRM
  • Minimize skew caused by erroneous data entry
  • Identify long-term KPI trends by department and agent
  • Rank agents and sources of opportunity by performance
  • Benchmark against high-performing dealerships, not just what the OEM suggests
  • Save money by only treating the most critical pain points
  • Dealer Forensics heat map

    Dealer Forensics Heat Map

    Due to the varying degrees of complexity of dealership CRMs, Dealer Forensics is currently in limited release. Please contact us to see if your CRM is compatible.

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