Automotive Mystery Shopping

In a business with narrow margins, understanding your market is critical. Current solutions only tell a dealership what price the customer ultimately paid, not the price that brought that customer in. DealerKnows is here to ensure your dealership doesn’t end up a day late and a dollar short, thanks to their automotive mystery shopping services.

Introducing PriceMatrix Mystery Shopping

We proudly present PriceMatrix, a new automotive mystery shopping service engineered to provide dealerships with a deeper level of pricing intelligence. PriceMatrix offers timely reports that rank your vehicle pricing and response times against those of your competitors. Gone are the days of dealers having to speculate on competitive pricing with sales personnel having to bear the burden of making excuses! PriceMatrix is the competitive price automotive dealership mystery shopping tool you need and is finally available for your dealership.

Benefits of PriceMatrix Mystery Shopping:

  • Offers comprehensive competitive automotive mystery shopping pricing analysis
  • Promotes understanding of actual vehicle request pricing relative to direct competition
  • Ranks a dealership against its closest competitors based on phone and email times
  • Compiles data based on core inventory or specific vehicles
  • Provides group averages and performance summaries
  • Add the best automotive mystery shopping report for the pricing intelligence you need to be more competitive.

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    Automotive Mystery Shopping - Dealerknows Pricematrix

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