DealerKnows Summer Camp 2024


Check Out These Generous Sponsors

Certified good-guy (and gal) sponsors that give you hope in this world. We respect them so much that we gave them their very own space so that they can spread out and add to the camp experience. Find out more about the Vendor Village.


Title Sponsor

Opening Night Dinner and Karaokeathon

Southern Fried Gala Sponsor

Vendor Village

Vendor Village Cabin Sponsors

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Wheels On the Cart Sponsor

Nighttime Party & Live Music Sponsor

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Making It Happen Sponsors

Grustle League Sports Sponsors

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Vendor Village

A Booth with a Yard

Immersive environment

DealerKnows approved

Pink flamingos encouraged

No more yelling over other people in a million square foot hall. We want to create an environment that inspires dialogue.

No need to worry about being accosted for just walking by. Every logo on this screen represents individuals who share the values of DealerKnows.

Vendors have been challenged to create an inviting and fun environment to enhance the camp experience. With a cabin, and a yard, the sky is the limit. 

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