DealerKnows Summer Camp 2024

What To Expect at DealerKnows Summer Camp

"A summer camp?!" We get it. You have questions. Before registering yourself or your team, we want to make sure you have a full understanding of all (amazingness) that is in store for you when attending DealerKnows Summer Camp.

What You Should Expect From Attending

Building on the First-Ever DealerKnows Summer Camp

Anyone who attended the first-ever DealerKnows Summer Camp will tell you it was more than just a unique conference experience. We fulfilled the promise of creating lifetime memories, as well as building knowledge and skills to help improve performance in the automotive industry. We also learned that there is still room for improvement. 

At DealerKnows, we understand the golden age of educational events in the internet sales field, and we took the best of those experiences, updating them for the current digital landscape. The 2023 conference blended expert knowledge with nostalgia, whimsy, outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and a campfire atmosphere. The 2024 DealerKnows Summer Camp builds on those strengths while taking all of the remarkable feedback we received from the "DKSCOGs" (our first campers) to make 2024 even better.


Learning is not a buffet, so why not plan the day?

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day One will be dedicated to Trailblazers sharing fundamental best practices and tactics to compete in a do-it-yourself, high-effort, limited budget, grassroots, guerilla-style environment, providing any team a launchpad in each topic.

Day Two is where our multi-talented Camp Counselors build upon Day One to take an integrative approach to provide actionable takeaways, offer implementation strategies, and build leadership buy-in to provide the maximum results

New for 2024, Day Three is dedicated to TrailMasters, offering their subject matter expertise to a general audience. These topics are geared toward the horizon, preparing campers to thrive in an unpredictable and ever-changing business environment.


Who Will Be There?

Expert Trainers, Not Speakers

Trailmasters, Trailblazers & Camp Counselors

A Look Toward the Future

DealerKnows Summer Camp is not just for automotive and dealership executives. It's actually meant for the future leaders of the car business. We encourage you to bring both an executive manager and a protégé to form a bond and enhance your organization's performance now and in the future.

Say goodbye to the same boring PowerPoint presentations and hello to even more hands-on, intimate learning sessions. Each subject matter expert is selected and vetted by DealerKnows to ensure that they are a trainer, not just a speaker. Best practices, implementation techniques, and real-world experiences will be shared with you and your team to be put to work immediately.

  • Day 1, Trailblazers will share fundamental best practices and tactics to help you compete in a DIY, high-effort, and low-budget environment.
  • Day 2, Camp Counselors will blend the give the goods on full-blown implementation and domination of that topic in your market.
  • Day 3, Trailmasters will provide pinpoint strategies to embrace valuable initiatives in your store.


What to Do

Team-Building Activities

Time for Self-Care

Vendor Village

Based on a pre-camp survey, you will be assigned to a "camp" with a mentor who will lead your team through various activities to strengthen your bond, leadership, teamwork, and communication skills. From kickball and soccer to archery and canoe relay races, there's something for everyone.

Whether you want to destress with breathing exercises, meet with a mentor, or just relax in the vendor village, DealerKnows Summer Camp has you covered. New for 2024, cabins will be dedicated to quiet time, collaboration time, and for (gasp!) work time. 

Trusted vendor partners will have their own cabins surrounding the campground, offering educational opportunities, a place to exchange ideas, and build a valuable network for a lifetime. 2023 featured many themed events, that attendees are still talking about today!


At the Camp

Comfortable Environment

Safe and Inclusive

Worry-Free Accommodations

This is a casual, comfortable environment where you can wear t-shirts and shorts. Swag may be provided, so leave your stilettos at home.

DealerKnows Summer Camp is a supportive, caring environment where everyone is welcome and bullying is not allowed.

No one will be sleeping outside or on the ground. You'll be transported to nearby lodges in the morning and evening.


Planning Your Time

Indoor/Outdoor Learning


Fun Parties and Events

While eating and learning indoors, you will participate in outdoor activities to soak up knowledge and some vitamin D.

Like a real summer camp, you'll be asked to arrive at ATL airport on May 6th, and we'll transport you to Camp Blue Ridge in Clayton, GA. You can return home on the 9th or 10th and we'll also provide transportation back. No kids are allowed, as there will undoubtedly be some adult beverages available in the evenings.

From an educational scavenger hunt to karaoke, you're in for a fun time both during the day and in the evenings. Who knew golf cart rides would be so much fun?!


Join Us!

You are not just an attendee (or "camper"). You are going to be participating throughout the DealerKnows Summer Camp. If you're good enough to be sent to this conference, we believe you have something to offer too. You too will make this event great!

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