DealerKnows Summer Camp 2024

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Experience a Conference Like Never Before at DealerKnows Summer 2024 Camp

Not a Convention Center

Beautiful Camp Blue Ridge

Nestled in the foothills of its namesake, Camp Blue Ridge has a rich 50-year tradition of delivering cherished memories to generations of campers. Compared with similar properties, it offers the best mix of indoor and outdoor facilities, close proximity to an airport hub, mild spring weather, and absolutely breathtaking views. Boasting 250 acres, athletic fields galore, and climate-controlled indoor spaces, it's sure to give attendees enough space to make the most of their learning (and bonding) experience.

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Make Summer Memories to Last a Lifetime with DealerKnows 2024 Camp

No Learners Left Behind

Unbeatable Value

Come As You Are

Multiple Learning Styles

Your education dollars are going to learning, not supporting some glitzy venue. Attendees can focus on personal growth without a bombardment of distractions.

We recognize that some people feel like they don't fit in at the big conferences. The DealerKnows Summer Camp is a place where people can let down their hair (or put it up), and just be themselves.

Open air provides the best environment to foster discussion with the speakers, counselors, and fellow attendees to create a learning-rich setting that easily replaces an overhead projector. 

Join the Adventure at DealerKnows 2024 Summer Camp

A Conference Venue that Pays Back

Retail automotive conferences have ballooned in cost. With more than a decade of fierce arms races in the sizzle department, many conferencegoers struggle to justify the return on attending increasingly lavish events. After years of researching different venues, DealerKnows was excited to discover all Camp Blue Ridge has to offer. 

Pristine Setting

Having participated in hundreds of conferences, DealerKnows understands the power of the right venue. While some seek the bright lights and big city, DealerKnows wants to offer an alternative of fresh air and quiet, putting the focus on learning, team-building, and creating immediate solutions that attendees can take back. Camp Blue Ridge offers the perfect backdrop to get things done.

Room to Move

Unlike typical retail automotive events, Camp Blue Ridge allows attendees to get their exercise as part of the conference, not just the process of walking to it. Camp Blue Ridge offers many sporting and exercise facilities on-site, making it a perfect place for inter-team competitions. Throughout the day, attendees will get to experience the thrill of victory against fellow campers or laugh off the agony of defeat together over cold beers. 

Space to Collaborate

The next generation of leaders deserves the opportunity to have access to skilled mentors and a diverse group of peers that they can count on for the rest of their careers. Camp Blue Ridge provides a variety of spaces where attendees can meet, brainstorm, work together, and build the framework of the future of retail automotive.  

Fuel Your Summer with Fun at DealerKnows 2024 Camp

You're stuck in a chair ten hours a day
Why pay to be stuck in a chair someplace else?

The DealerKnows Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge will make you forget about Las Vegas.

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