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Keynote Speakers

Charlie Wollborg | Chief Troublemaker and Founding Partner | Curve Detroit

Charlie is a purveyor of attention. He helps growing brands stand out from the clutter. He opened the doors at Curve, a Marketing Strategy & Creative Design firm, after being thrown out of several well-respected ad agencies. He is the Curator of TEDx Detroit, a former punk rock singer, and a Summer Camp LEGEND.

Joe Chura | Co-Founder | Go Brewing

Joe is best known for co-founding DealerInspire, being a dynamic leader and philanthropist, and/or showing off his muscles on Instagram. As the epitome of "hard work pays off," Joe went from the assembly line to the HQ at Ford to managing a dealership to building a beloved website company. Then he sold it... and keeps going.

Princess Castleberry | Chief Executive Officer | Castle Risk Management & HR Consulting

Princess (yes, that's her real name) helps organizations protect their people, purpose, and profits by making wellness actionable. Across multiple industries, she's solved some of the most complex challenges in global risk management, HR, and facilitation. All with a bold personality befitting of her name.

DeAngelo Burse | Founder and CEO | Breakroom Huddle

DeAngelo is a social psychologist, author, college professor, and speaker utilizing social science research to help people improve their social interactions, reach their potential, and become their ideal selves. 


Camp Lead Management and CRM

Megan Barto | Camp Counselor | Performance Manager | VinSolutions

Megan Barto spent 10+ years in a dealership as an award-winning BDC Manager and Finance Director. During her career, she has spoken at multiple conferences across the country. For the past 6 years, she has been a Performance Manager for VinSolutions advising dealers on strategy and best practices.

Bill Playford | Camp Director | Vice President and Partner | DealerKnows

Bill is a fourth-generation auto worker, and is an early pioneer in both the digital retailing and big data space, with retail experience that spans the globe. Having worked at the dealership, manufacturer, and supplier level, Bill brings a unique perspective to help DealerKnows clients steadily improve results.

Joe Webb | Camp Director | President | DealerKnows

Joe Webb believes in the power of words. From retail to today, his focus is improving how dealers communicate and market to their consumers. While he spends most of his time blending the lines between entertainment and automotive education, he dedicates the rest to his love of movies and family. Hopefully not in that order.

What's a Camp Counselor?


Camp SEO

Eric Miltsch | Camp Counselor | Co-founder & Vice President of SEO | Dealer Teamwork 

Eric Miltsch is a successful automotive professional specializing in search, social, & mobile marketing strategies. As one of Dealer Teamwork’s Co-founders & VP of SEO, he supports the leadership efforts and leads the search engine optimization team.

Dave Spannhake | Trailblazer | Chief Executive Officer | Reunion Marketing

Dave Spannhake is the Founder and CEO of Reunion Marketing. Reunion works with hundreds of dealerships across the country, specializing in digital marketing technologies. Before founding Reunion in 2015, Dave was the Director of Marketing for a 33 store automotive group in Raleigh, North Carolina. 


Camp Social Media

Andrew Street | Camp Counselor | Chief Executive Officer | Dealer OMG

Andrew Street is an automotive advertising technologist who worked for Facebook, helping to develop their local business advertising platform. Street launched Dealer OMG, an automotive digital marketing firm focused on helping dealers measurably grow sales, services, and trade-ins through Facebook and Instagram. Andrew's team and software exist to eradicate cookie-cutter ads.

Robin Wilson | Trailblazer | Founder | SCP Agency

Robin helps dealerships dominate on social media, transforming culture into revenue. With a knack for fun, innovative marketing, she's led at Women In Automotive, taught at industry events, and innovated with "By Appointment Only." She's a rescue dog lover with a vibrant family and a lifelong best friend/business partner.

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Camp Strategic Marketing

Beth Mach | Camp Counselor | President | Sage Properties

As the Chief Operating Officer at Spacely, I am responsible for creating and executing a strategic plan for a disruptive online marketplace for print and out-of-home media. With over 25 years of experience in global marketing and media, I bring a wealth of knowledge, insights, and connections to this exciting start-up venture.

Micah Birkholz | Trailblazer | Director of Sales | VistaDash

Micah brings over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, and management to his role at VistaDash. With a strategic marketing focus, Micah helps business owners optimize their teams and technology using proven tactics. A lifelong learner, Micah approaches discussions with an open mind, eager to learn and educate others.


Camp Sales Management

Jeremy Parrish | Camp Counselor | Managing Partner | Jimmy Britt Automotive Group

Jeremy is the next generation of car dealer. With a mixture of blue collar work ethic and a "nothing is impossible" attitude, Jeremy has boldly ignored the blueprint for the traditional dealership model. With a commitment to measuring success and personal accountability, campers will learn what can be done when they seek perfection.

Stephen Fucile | Trailblazer | National Sales Director | AFIP

Stephen dove into automotive 30 years ago, initially excelling as a salesperson. Those 30 units per month propelled him into various sales management roles, from GSM at a Toyota dealership to National Sales Trainer at eLead. Now, at AFIP, he's using his unique mix of motivation and training to commit to the process.

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Camp Websites

Eliana Raggio is a 15-year automotive industry veteran nicknamed the “Webinar Goddess” and “The Voice of Automotive” and is widely known for her expert moderation on thought leadership and educational broadcasts. Eliana is a board member of Women in Automotive, a US Navy Veteran, and a carb and sugar enthusiast.

Eliana Raggio | Camp Counselor | Chief Marketing Officer | Dealer eProcess

Christina Cuatto | Trailblazer | Director of Product Management | DealerOn

Christina pushes websites to do more. As the leader of DealerOn's Marketplace Apps Team, she's expanding the dealership experience with innovations in digital retail and chat. Driven forward by a desire for an unmatched customer experience, she closely collaborates with dealerships to ensure each update is as exciting as the last.


Camp Retail Reset

Subi Ghosh | Camp Counselor | EVP of Strategic Partnerships | Stream Companies

Subi has spent the last 15+ years as an advocate for consumer experience and culture within dealerships. Her passion for the industry and drive to be a voice of change for dealers, aligns perfectly with her roles as EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Marketing at Stream Companies 

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Camp Customer Retention

Bryan Armstrong | Camp Counselor | e-Commerce Director | Feel Good Auto Group

Bryan oversees four of the top-ranked volume VW dealerships across the US. His "Lateral Thinking" approach has led to him serving on several dealer advisory boards, and has made him a fixture at industry conferences and 20 Groups. As a true "car guy,” he constantly brings the focus to people and processes that ensure success.

Randell Horn | Trailblazer | Director of Sales - CXM | AutoAlert

Over the past 21 years, Randell has helped dealerships leverage technology to identify and act upon the right customer with the right message, at the right time. Randell helped build teams for companies like VinSolutions, Conversica, AutoFi, AutoAlert, and more, developing and utilizing data to power the retention process.  


Camp Leadership and Operational Strategy

Stephen Moore | Camp Counselor | Chief Executive Officer | Culture Booster

Stephen is the CEO of the employee experience software company Culture Booster, which he claims is the best job on the planet. He is an entrepreneur who spent 17+ years in retail automotive doing everything from sales management to consultancy work focused on leadership development and employee engagement.

Michael Speigl | Trailblazer | Dealer Principal | Toyota & Subaru of Ann Arbor

Over the last 20 years, Michael went from the sales floor to owning two dealerships near his beloved alma mater. When Michael is not inspiring his team, he's leading in the classroom as an adjunct professor at Michigan's Ross School of Business, supporting educational causes, and spending quality time with his family.

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Camp Digital Retailing

Kerri Wise | Camp Counselor | Chief Marketing Officer | AutoFi

Kerri Wise is the Chief Marketing Officer for AutoFi, a leading digital commerce platform. Her career spans 24 years in automotive and in 2020 she was recognized among the Automotive News Top 100 Leading Women in North America. Prior to AutoFi, she worked at TrueCar, Edmunds, and J.D. Power.

Bill Playford | Trailblazer | Vice President and Partner | DealerKnows

Long before speaking at a summer camp, Bill was part of the boom that started it all. From offering national delivery from a tiny dealership to building the e-commerce prototype for a publicly-traded auto group, to the first international OEM direct-to-consumer purchase, Bill used process to replace technology. You can too. 


Camp Video

Timmy James | Camp Counselor | Chief Operating Officer | Flick Fusion

Over the past 20 years, Timmy has led the sales, marketing, and product strategies of some of the automotive industry's fastest-growing companies. An author over 500+ articles for industry publications, Timmy has been featured on several webinar training panels, and is a popular speaker at the top automotive conferences.

Tim Bartz | Trailblazer | Video Marketing Director | Long McArthur Ford

Tim works at Long McArthur Ford in Salina, Kansas, where his videos and weekly podcast on the Ford Maverick have helped them become the #1 Maverick dealer in the world and a top 100 dealer. Tim's videos and social media presence account for 20% of the dealer's monthly sales.

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Camp Employee Acquisition

Bri Newman | Camp Counselor | Vice President | HR4, Ltd

Bri is a seasoned visionary in human capital, crafting innovative HR software that is both specifically designed for dealers and optimizes employee experiences. With over a decade dedicated to automotive, Bri is spearheading the evolution of human capital management into the next generation.

Joe Webb | Camp Director | President | DealerKnows

Joe Webb believes in the power of words. From retail to today, his focus is improving how dealers communicate and market to their consumers. While he spends most of his time blending the lines between entertainment and automotive education, he dedicates the rest to his love of movies and family. Hopefully not in that order.

Redefined for 2024: Trailmaster Sessions


Trailmaster | Paid Social

Cody Jerry | Director of Digital Strategy | Search Engines MD

Cody prides himself on taking a practical approach with clients to to identify what's working (and what's not) in order to help clients take the next steps to greater success. He is widely recognized as a master at directing campaigns in search engine marketing (SEM or PPC), social media marketing, and search engine optimization.  


Trailmaster | Chat

Eric Schlesinger | Chief Revenue Officer | ActivEngage

Eric serves as Chief Revenue Officer at ActivEngage. For over 12 years, he has helped to cultivate successful business relationships with 27 of the 36 North American manufacturers, 6 of the top 10 auto dealer groups, and partnerships with many leading automotive technology companies.


Trailmaster | Synthetic Fraud and FTC Safeguards

James Lawyer | VP, Strategic Partnerships and Business Development | 700Credit

With over 30 years in the automotive sector, James has developed his mastery in sales, advertising, fraud, and credit decisioning. He's a sought-after expert in fraud prevention, educating on preemptive detection. His engaging style enlightens audiences on thwarting fraudulent activities in dealership operations.


Trailmaster | Camp DORK

(Data, Organization, Research, and Knowledge)

Adam Denault | eCommerce and Business Intelligence Director | Dream Motor Group

From starting in the BDC to his new role at Dream Motor Group, Adam has always had a passion for learning and tinkering with tech. Being responsible for the digital door, collecting the reports needed for the full story has always been frustrating. Adam went full Eagle Scout and decided to build a reporting tool of his own.


Trailmaster | Personal Wellbeing 

David Hudson | Executive Producer | D. Hudson Productions

After growing up in an automotive family, Dave opened D. Hudson Productions 25 years ago, and has since spent a good portion of his career in the automotive. Dave's range includes producing commercials, speaking at events, training teams on smartphone video-making, and even being a spokesman for several dealerships.

New for 2024: Lunch'n Listen


Lunch 'n Listen

Katie Mares | Leading Women | | Chief Inspiration Officer | Katie Mares Consulting

Katie has inspired audiences around the world to think differently about the female consumer and customer.  When she is not traveling around the world consulting and speaking, she can be found on a yoga mat, in a shoe store, or snuggled on the couch eating homemade popcorn and watching a movie with her three little ones

Ryan Leslie | Outreach & Purpose | Director, Business Development - Enterprise | Foureyes

With nearly 20 years of experience in digital merchandising and customer solutions for companies including Vroom, CarStory, automotiveMastermind, DealerRater,, and more, Ryan is a skilled industry veteran. Ryan embodies a zest for the automotive industry, dedication to family, and a love for motorcycles.

Kathy Gilbert | Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Senior Director | CDK Global

Kathy is an accomplished and respected professional ,with more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry as a business leader and champion of diversity at CDK Global. As a champion of diversity, she’s paying it forward by helping other women and minorities reach the highest levels of success.

Mindfulness Coach


Linda Webb | Mindfulness Coach | Board Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner | Amani Mind

Linda was a healthcare executive with 19 years experience in chronic disease detection/prevention in health systems. After being inspired from resolving her own health issues, Linda became practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine. Here goal is to bring awareness and balance to empower others, as well as improve their wellbeing. 

Why Camp Counselors?

Everyone at camp needs someone to look up to. Some have participated in more than one rodeo, know the shortcuts, have walked the path a thousand times, and understand how it all fits together. That person is the camp counselor.

At the DealerKnows Summer Camp, we wanted to provide each participant with a guide that can help them navigate the learning material while offering sage advice in their area of expertise. These leaders, many of who have decades of cross-functional experience in automotive, are conference speakers in their own right. Most of them are founders and executives with the pedigree and bonafides to help cut through any potential noise. Simply put, they are trusted resources that Joe and Bill have counted on for years. They will work in lockstep with the speakers to ensure that every camper can fully understand the material. They will also serve as your team captain.

Team Captain

The DealerKnows Summer Camp isn’t just about learning. It’s about camaraderie, having fun with your peers, and building a network to last your whole career. Your team captain may lead you in archery, tug of war, canoeing, kickball, and more. If sports isn’t your gig, there will be other fun activities. Camp is about getting dirty, and they’ll be right in the mud with you. Your team captains will have your back during camp and for many years to come (just be nice to them).

During the last learning sessions of camp, your counselor will give their own presentation incorporating the material that was shared by the speakers. More importantly, they will help you create an action plan to bring back to your dealership that puts your time learning in camp into motion. While DealerKnows want you to have a lot of fun, we want to ensure every camper gets a payoff from the time, energy, and financial resources they dedicate to camp. We hope this plants the seed of learning for many years to come.    

The camp counselor is one of the many ways DealerKnows wants to turn learning on its ear. Mentors are extremely hard to come by in retail automotive, so it’s yet another problem that DealerKnows is trying to solve. We want to do our part to minimize the culture of dictatorship, selfishness, and ego that has prevented many good people from flourishing in one of the most generous businesses still around. We want to continue fostering a spirit of teamwork with a leader who has participated in all the rodeos knows all the shortcuts, has walked the path a thousand times, and understands how it all fits together. That person will be your counselor. 

Reason #4 To Buy Your Tickets

I mean... did you NOT see the insane list of professionals above? 

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